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BELTS FIZZY different sizes available (ALL V)BELTS FIZZY different sizes available (ALL V)500g9 flavours availableView Deals£3.37BLACKCURRANT & LIQUORICE (V)BLACKCURRANT & LIQUORICE (V)65gView Deals£0.49BLACKCURRANT and LIQUORICE (ALL V)BLACKCURRANT and LIQUORICE (ALL V)500g3 flavours availableView Deals£4.17BLACKJACK and FRUIT SALAD CHEWS (ALL V)BLACKJACK and FRUIT SALAD CHEWS (ALL V)500g3 flavours availableView Deals£4.30BUBBLEGUMSBUBBLEGUMS500g3 flavours availableView Deals£4.27BUTTERSCOTCH (V)BUTTERSCOTCH (V)500gView Deals£4.17CHOCOLATE BALLS FOIL WRAPPED (V)CHOCOLATE BALLS FOIL WRAPPED (V)500g8 flavours availableView Deals£5.50CHOCOLATE COINS and BANKNOTES (ALL V)CHOCOLATE COINS and BANKNOTES (ALL V)500g6 flavours availableView Deals£7.30CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS (ALL V)CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS (ALL V)500g3 flavours availableView Deals£4.17CHOCOLATE FONDANT FILLED HEARTS (V)CHOCOLATE FONDANT FILLED HEARTS (V)500g3 flavours availableView Deals£7.50CHOCOLATE LIMES and FRUITS (ALL V)CHOCOLATE LIMES and FRUITS (ALL V)500g2 flavours availableView Deals£4.17CHOCOLATE SPORTS BALLS MIX (ALL V)CHOCOLATE SPORTS BALLS MIX (ALL V)500g3 flavours availableView Deals£5.10COCO and PEANUT CHOCOLATES (V) individually wrappedCOCO and PEANUT CHOCOLATES (V) individually wrapped500gView Deals£3.90COUGH SWEETS wrapped (ALL V)COUGH SWEETS wrapped (ALL V)500g7 flavours availableView Deals£4.17FRUIT FLAVOUR WRAPPED BOILED SWEETS (ALL V)FRUIT FLAVOUR WRAPPED BOILED SWEETS (ALL V)500g7 flavours availableView Deals£4.17FRUIT SHERBET CENTRE BOILED WRAPPED SWEETS (V)FRUIT SHERBET CENTRE BOILED WRAPPED SWEETS (V)500g4 flavours availableView Deals£4.17FRUITINETTES with fruity chewy centres (V)FRUITINETTES with fruity chewy centres (V)500gView Deals£5.99FRUITY CHEWS CENTRE FRUIT JUICE FILLEDFRUITY CHEWS CENTRE FRUIT JUICE FILLED500gView Deals£3.37JELLIES fruity filled with multi-vitamins (V)JELLIES fruity filled with multi-vitamins (V)500gView Deals£3.90LOLLIPOPS (ALL V)LOLLIPOPS (ALL V)500g6 flavours availableView Deals£4.70MINT FONDANTS (V)MINT FONDANTS (V)500gView Deals£6.43MINTY SWEETS (ALL V) wrappedMINTY SWEETS (ALL V) wrapped500g7 flavours availableView Deals£4.17SPEARMINT CHEWS (V)SPEARMINT CHEWS (V)500gView Deals£4.17SUGAR FREE WRAPPED SWEETS choice of hard boiled chews and toffees (ALL V)SUGAR FREE WRAPPED SWEETS choice of hard boiled chews and toffees (ALL V)500g26 flavours availableView Deals£6.00SWEET PEANUTS (V)SWEET PEANUTS (V)500gView Deals£4.20SWIZZELS MATLOWS SWEETIESSWIZZELS MATLOWS SWEETIES500g10 flavours availableView Deals£4.70TOFFEE TOFFLAIRS CHOCOLATY WRAPPED SWEETS (V)TOFFEE TOFFLAIRS CHOCOLATY WRAPPED SWEETS (V)500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.90TREACLE TOFFEE (V)TREACLE TOFFEE (V)500gView Deals£3.90UNCLE JOES and LUKES MEDICATED WRAPPED SWEETS (V)UNCLE JOES and LUKES MEDICATED WRAPPED SWEETS (V)500g3 flavours availableView Deals£6.23VANILLA FUDGE (V)VANILLA FUDGE (V)500gView Deals£4.07
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