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1200 X 20gr PACKETS OF PERSONALISED PROMOTIONAL HANDOUT PACKETS AT 18p EACH1200 X 20gr PACKETS OF PERSONALISED PROMOTIONAL HANDOUT PACKETS AT 18p EACH24kg11 flavours availableView Deals£216.00ABC CHALKY CANDY LETTERSABC CHALKY CANDY LETTERS50gView Deals£0.49ABC CHALKY CANDY LETTERS or choose from GUMMY or FIZZYABC CHALKY CANDY LETTERS or choose from GUMMY or FIZZY500g3 flavours availableView Deals£5.49AMERICAN HARD GUMS (V)AMERICAN HARD GUMS (V)65gView Deals£0.49AMERICAN HARD GUMS (V)AMERICAN HARD GUMS (V)500gView Deals£3.37ANGELS AND UNICORNS (V)ANGELS AND UNICORNS (V)500gView Deals£4.00ASSORTED FIZZY and SOUR MIXASSORTED FIZZY and SOUR MIX500gView Deals£3.50ASSORTED GUMMY and JELLIES MIXASSORTED GUMMY and JELLIES MIX500gView Deals£3.50BANANA & SHRIMPSBANANA & SHRIMPS65gView Deals£0.49BANANA and SHRIMPS choice of foam and fizzyBANANA and SHRIMPS choice of foam and fizzy500g5 flavours availableView Deals£3.62BEARS MEERKATS and SAFARI ANIMALSBEARS MEERKATS and SAFARI ANIMALS500g5 flavours availableView Deals£3.37BELTS FIZZY different sizes available (ALL V)BELTS FIZZY different sizes available (ALL V)500g9 flavours availableView Deals£3.37BERRIES CHERRIES STRAWBS AND MORE FRUIT SHAPESBERRIES CHERRIES STRAWBS AND MORE FRUIT SHAPES500g22 flavours availableView Deals£3.37BLACKCURRANT & LIQUORICE (V)BLACKCURRANT & LIQUORICE (V)65gView Deals£0.49BLACKCURRANT and LIQUORICE (ALL V)BLACKCURRANT and LIQUORICE (ALL V)500g3 flavours availableView Deals£4.17BLACKJACK and FRUIT SALAD CHEWS (ALL V)BLACKJACK and FRUIT SALAD CHEWS (ALL V)500g3 flavours availableView Deals£4.30BLUE RASPBERRY SOFT FOAMS (EXCLUSIVE UK PRODUCT)BLUE RASPBERRY SOFT FOAMS (EXCLUSIVE UK PRODUCT)65gView Deals£0.49BOMBAY MIX (V)BOMBAY MIX (V)65gView Deals£0.49BON BONS CHEWY AND SOUR (ALL V)BON BONS CHEWY AND SOUR (ALL V)500g12 flavours availableView Deals£3.98BONES choice of gummy and fizzyBONES choice of gummy and fizzy500g5 flavours availableView Deals£3.37BOTTLES choice of fizzy and gummyBOTTLES choice of fizzy and gummy500g31 flavours availableView Deals£3.37BUBBLEGUMSBUBBLEGUMS500g3 flavours availableView Deals£4.27BUTTERSCOTCH (V)BUTTERSCOTCH (V)500gView Deals£4.17CANDY NECKLACES & WATCHESCANDY NECKLACES & WATCHES500g3 flavours availableView Deals£3.50CANDY STICKSCANDY STICKS500gView Deals£4.16CARROTS, MUSHROOMS AND OTHER VEGETABLE SHAPESCARROTS, MUSHROOMS AND OTHER VEGETABLE SHAPES500g8 flavours availableView Deals£3.37CARSCARS500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.37CHEWING NUTS (V)CHEWING NUTS (V)500gView Deals£5.50CHICKEN FEET gummyCHICKEN FEET gummy500gView Deals£3.37CHOCOLATE BALLS FOIL WRAPPED (V)CHOCOLATE BALLS FOIL WRAPPED (V)500g8 flavours availableView Deals£5.50CHOCOLATE COINS and BANKNOTES (ALL V)CHOCOLATE COINS and BANKNOTES (ALL V)500g6 flavours availableView Deals£7.30CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS (ALL V)CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS (ALL V)500g3 flavours availableView Deals£4.17CHOCOLATE FONDANT FILLED HEARTS (V)CHOCOLATE FONDANT FILLED HEARTS (V)500g3 flavours availableView Deals£7.50CHOCOLATE ICY CUPS (V)CHOCOLATE ICY CUPS (V)500gView Deals£5.10CHOCOLATE JAZZLES SNOWIES AND DROPS (ALL V)CHOCOLATE JAZZLES SNOWIES AND DROPS (ALL V)500g8 flavours availableView Deals£3.74CHOCOLATE LIMES and FRUITS (ALL V)CHOCOLATE LIMES and FRUITS (ALL V)500g2 flavours availableView Deals£4.17CHOCOLATE MILK CHOC BEANS (ALL V)CHOCOLATE MILK CHOC BEANS (ALL V)500g3 flavours availableView Deals£4.99CHOCOLATE NIBBLES, LICK and TOFFEE CRUMBLE (ALL V)CHOCOLATE NIBBLES, LICK and TOFFEE CRUMBLE (ALL V)500g5 flavours availableView Deals£3.93CHOCOLATE PEANUTS & RAISINS (ALL V)CHOCOLATE PEANUTS & RAISINS (ALL V)500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.50CHOCOLATE SHAPES BROWN and WHITE (ALL V)CHOCOLATE SHAPES BROWN and WHITE (ALL V)500g7 flavours availableView Deals£3.74CHOCOLATE SPORTS BALLS MIX (ALL V)CHOCOLATE SPORTS BALLS MIX (ALL V)500g3 flavours availableView Deals£5.10CINDER TOFFEE CHOCOLATE COATED  HONEYCOMB ALL V)CINDER TOFFEE CHOCOLATE COATED HONEYCOMB ALL V)500g2 flavours availableView Deals£4.10COCO and PEANUT CHOCOLATES (V) individually wrappedCOCO and PEANUT CHOCOLATES (V) individually wrapped500gView Deals£3.90COCONUT MUSHROOMS TEACAKES and TOASTIESCOCONUT MUSHROOMS TEACAKES and TOASTIES500g3 flavours availableView Deals£5.35COUGH CANDY BLOCK (V)COUGH CANDY BLOCK (V)500gView Deals£3.37COUGH SWEETS wrapped (ALL V)COUGH SWEETS wrapped (ALL V)500g7 flavours availableView Deals£4.17DISCO and ROTELLA WHEELS (ALL V)DISCO and ROTELLA WHEELS (ALL V)500g4 flavours availableView Deals£4.00DOLLY MIXTURE AND DEW DROPSDOLLY MIXTURE AND DEW DROPS500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.37DUMMIES and TONGUES choice of fizzy and gummyDUMMIES and TONGUES choice of fizzy and gummy500g8 flavours availableView Deals£3.37FIZZ BALLS (ALL V)FIZZ BALLS (ALL V)500g14 flavours availableView Deals£5.44FLOWERS ROSES and PETALS choice of gummy and fizzyFLOWERS ROSES and PETALS choice of gummy and fizzy500g5 flavours availableView Deals£3.37FLYING SAUCERS (V)  (300 PIECES)FLYING SAUCERS (V) (300 PIECES)375gView Deals£6.00FOAM SWEETS sugar coatedFOAM SWEETS sugar coated500g7 flavours availableView Deals£3.37FRUIT FLAVOUR WRAPPED BOILED SWEETS (ALL V)FRUIT FLAVOUR WRAPPED BOILED SWEETS (ALL V)500g7 flavours availableView Deals£4.17FRUIT PASTILLES incl IRN BRU PASTILLESFRUIT PASTILLES incl IRN BRU PASTILLES500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.37FRUIT SALAD GUMS (V)FRUIT SALAD GUMS (V)500gView Deals£3.37FRUIT SHERBET CENTRE BOILED WRAPPED SWEETS (V)FRUIT SHERBET CENTRE BOILED WRAPPED SWEETS (V)500g4 flavours availableView Deals£4.17FRUITINETTES with fruity chewy centres (V)FRUITINETTES with fruity chewy centres (V)500gView Deals£5.99FRUITY CHEWS CENTRE FRUIT JUICE FILLEDFRUITY CHEWS CENTRE FRUIT JUICE FILLED500gView Deals£3.37GUMMY JELLY TOOLS (V)GUMMY JELLY TOOLS (V)500gView Deals£3.37JELLIES fruity filled with multi-vitamins (V)JELLIES fruity filled with multi-vitamins (V)500gView Deals£3.90JELLY BABIESJELLY BABIES500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.37JELLY BEANS (V)JELLY BEANS (V)500gView Deals£3.37JELLY BUTTONSJELLY BUTTONS500gView Deals£3.37KALI SHERBET CRYSTALS and RAINBOW DUST (ALL V)KALI SHERBET CRYSTALS and RAINBOW DUST (ALL V)500g12 flavours availableView Deals£4.30KOLA, PINEAPPLE, ASSORTED KUBES (ALL V)KOLA, PINEAPPLE, ASSORTED KUBES (ALL V)500g6 flavours availableView Deals£3.37KOPP KOPS (V)KOPP KOPS (V)500gView Deals£5.10LANCASHIRE MIXTURE (V)LANCASHIRE MIXTURE (V)500gView Deals£3.37LIONS ORIGINAL GUMSLIONS ORIGINAL GUMS500g6 flavours availableView Deals£5.49LIPS and KISSES choice of gummy jelly and fizzyLIPS and KISSES choice of gummy jelly and fizzy500g9 flavours availableView Deals£3.37LIQUORICE ALLSORTSLIQUORICE ALLSORTS500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.37LIQUORICE CREAM ROCKLIQUORICE CREAM ROCK500gView Deals£3.50LIQUORICE FLAVOUR FIZZY BLACK CATSLIQUORICE FLAVOUR FIZZY BLACK CATS500gView Deals£3.37LIQUORICE TORPEDOES and COMFITS (V)LIQUORICE TORPEDOES and COMFITS (V)500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.37LIQUORICE WANDS, STICKS and CATHERINE WHEELSLIQUORICE WANDS, STICKS and CATHERINE WHEELS500g3 flavours availableView Deals£6.00LOLLIPOPS (ALL V)LOLLIPOPS (ALL V)500g6 flavours availableView Deals£4.70LOVEHEARTS choice of gummy and fizzyLOVEHEARTS choice of gummy and fizzy500g13 flavours availableView Deals£3.37MAJIC MINT and FRUIT DRAGEES (V)MAJIC MINT and FRUIT DRAGEES (V)500g2 flavours availableView Deals£4.90MALLOWS FINI GOLF SOFT PAINT BALLS exclusive halal product 1kg BAGMALLOWS FINI GOLF SOFT PAINT BALLS exclusive halal product 1kg BAG1kg8 flavours availableView Deals£4.50MARSHMALLOWS exclusive rangeMARSHMALLOWS exclusive range500g19 flavours availableView Deals£4.50MIDGET GEMSMIDGET GEMS500gView Deals£3.37MILLIONS (V)MILLIONS (V)500g10 flavours availableView Deals£4.77MINT FONDANTS (V)MINT FONDANTS (V)500gView Deals£6.43MINT IMPERIALS (V)MINT IMPERIALS (V)500gView Deals£3.50MINTY SWEETS (ALL V) wrappedMINTY SWEETS (ALL V) wrapped500g7 flavours availableView Deals£4.17NUT BRITTLE (V)NUT BRITTLE (V)500gView Deals£4.20PEAR DROPS (V)PEAR DROPS (V)500gView Deals£3.37PENCILS & BRICKS MINI LONG and FIZZY ASSORTEDPENCILS & BRICKS MINI LONG and FIZZY ASSORTED500g13 flavours availableView Deals£3.37PIPS (V)PIPS (V)500g12 flavours availableView Deals£3.37PIZZA SLICES, CHIPS, FRIED EGGS and more FOODPIZZA SLICES, CHIPS, FRIED EGGS and more FOOD500g4 flavours availableView Deals£3.37PONTEFRACT CAKES PONTEFRACT CAKES 500gView Deals£3.50POPCORN (V) SWEET COLOURED with a hint of fruit flavoursPOPCORN (V) SWEET COLOURED with a hint of fruit flavours300g5 flavours availableView Deals£3.99RHUBARD  CUSTARD TUBES and SMOOTH PENCILSRHUBARD CUSTARD TUBES and SMOOTH PENCILS500g5 flavours availableView Deals£3.66RINGS and HOOPS choice of gummy and fizzyRINGS and HOOPS choice of gummy and fizzy500g9 flavours availableView Deals£3.37ROCK CANDY SWEETS (V)ROCK CANDY SWEETS (V)500g5 flavours availableView Deals£5.40ROSEY APPLES (V)ROSEY APPLES (V)500gView Deals£3.57SARSPARILLAS (V)SARSPARILLAS (V)500gView Deals£3.37SEA OCEAN and RIVER CREATURESSEA OCEAN and RIVER CREATURES500g15 flavours availableView Deals£3.37SNAKES WORMS SPIDERS and more REPLTILESSNAKES WORMS SPIDERS and more REPLTILES500g10 flavours availableView Deals£3.37SPEARMINT CHEWS (V)SPEARMINT CHEWS (V)500gView Deals£4.17STAR SHAPE choice of fizzy or gummySTAR SHAPE choice of fizzy or gummy500g4 flavours availableView Deals£3.37SUGAR FREE WRAPPED SWEETS choice of hard boiled chews and toffees (ALL V)SUGAR FREE WRAPPED SWEETS choice of hard boiled chews and toffees (ALL V)500g26 flavours availableView Deals£6.00SWEET PEANUTS (V)SWEET PEANUTS (V)500gView Deals£4.20SWIZZELS MATLOWS SWEETIESSWIZZELS MATLOWS SWEETIES500g10 flavours availableView Deals£4.70TEETH FANGS and TOOTHBRUSHESTEETH FANGS and TOOTHBRUSHES500g6 flavours availableView Deals£3.37TOFFEE TOFFLAIRS CHOCOLATY WRAPPED SWEETS (V)TOFFEE TOFFLAIRS CHOCOLATY WRAPPED SWEETS (V)500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.90TONGUE PAINTER GUMMIES (V)TONGUE PAINTER GUMMIES (V)500gView Deals£3.50TREACLE TOFFEE (V)TREACLE TOFFEE (V)500gView Deals£3.90UNCLE JOES and LUKES MEDICATED WRAPPED SWEETS (V)UNCLE JOES and LUKES MEDICATED WRAPPED SWEETS (V)500g3 flavours availableView Deals£6.23VANILLA FUDGE (V)VANILLA FUDGE (V)500gView Deals£4.07VEGAN FRUITY SWEETSVEGAN FRUITY SWEETS500g15 flavours availableView Deals£3.37WATCHES fizzyWATCHES fizzy500gView Deals£3.37WINE GUMSWINE GUMS500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.37WINTER NIPS (V)WINTER NIPS (V)500gView Deals£3.37

Running a successful convenience store means ensuring you always have the products that your customers love, and very few people in this world lack a soft spot for tasty treats. However, only you know which sweets your customers enjoy the most, which means you might not want to purchase counter lines on a repeat basis. Fortunately, you can ensure your customers of a bespoke offering if you buy bulk loose sweets online from one of the UK’s leading suppliers.

At Premier Selection Sweets Ltd, we proudly deliver bulk sweets to any UK location from our base in Rochdale. Whether you’re running a busy store in the Scottish Highlands or in the middle of London, we can have your sweets to your door in no time at all. Whether you want to buy bulk sweets online on a one-off or repeat basis, you needn’t look any further than Premier Selection Sweets Ltd.

Bulk Loose Sweets in the UK: Fast Deliveries and High-Value Prices Guaranteed

While it’s crucial to make sure your customers can find all the sweets they want in your store, it’s also vital to purchase sweets in bulk so that you can protect your bottom line. Additionally, you need a supplier that’s always fully stocked so that you never have to turn a customer away, and your provider should be able to guarantee quick deliveries.

We offer some of the most cost-effective prices for bulk loose sweets in the UK, largely because we handle packaging, printing and sealing all in-house. If you want to bulk buy loose sweets to enhance your product offering, increase profits and ensure the continued success of your business, we’re the company to call.

Buy Sweet Bags Online from a Leading Supplier

From jellies and gummies to boiled sweets and mallows, we have it all here at Premier Selection Sweets Ltd. Order your bulk sweets online today or get in touch with our friendly and highly experienced professionals by calling us on 01706 837539.

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