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AMERICAN HARD GUMSAMERICAN HARD GUMS70gView Deals£0.49AMERICAN HARD GUMSAMERICAN HARD GUMS500gView Deals£3.37ANISEED BALLSANISEED BALLS500gView Deals£4.60ASSORTED SOUR CHEWY BON BONSASSORTED SOUR CHEWY BON BONS70gView Deals£0.49BELTS FIZZY different sizes availableBELTS FIZZY different sizes available500g6 flavours availableView Deals£3.37BLACKCURRANT & LIQUORICEBLACKCURRANT & LIQUORICE70gView Deals£0.49BLACKCURRANT and LIQUORICEBLACKCURRANT and LIQUORICE500g3 flavours availableView Deals£4.17BLACKJACK and FRUIT SALAD CHEWSBLACKJACK and FRUIT SALAD CHEWS500g3 flavours availableView Deals£4.30BOMBAY MIXBOMBAY MIX70gView Deals£0.49BON BONSBON BONS500g9 flavours availableView Deals£3.98BUBBLEGUMSBUBBLEGUMS500g3 flavours availableView Deals£4.27BUBBLYBUBBLY50gView Deals£0.49BUTTERSCOTCHBUTTERSCOTCH500gView Deals£4.17CANDY NECKLACES & WATCHESCANDY NECKLACES & WATCHES500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.50CANDY NECKLACES &WATCHESCANDY NECKLACES &WATCHES1.5kg2 flavours availableView Deals£7.99CASHEWSCASHEWS50gView Deals£1.00CHEWING NUTSCHEWING NUTS500gView Deals£4.50CHOCOLATE BALLS FOIL WRAPPEDCHOCOLATE BALLS FOIL WRAPPED500g8 flavours availableView Deals£5.50CHOCOLATE BROWN and WHITE DROPSCHOCOLATE BROWN and WHITE DROPS500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.74CHOCOLATE COINS and BANKNOTESCHOCOLATE COINS and BANKNOTES500g6 flavours availableView Deals£7.30CHOCOLATE ECLAIRSCHOCOLATE ECLAIRS500g3 flavours availableView Deals£4.17CHOCOLATE EGGS and FOIL WRAPPEDCHOCOLATE EGGS and FOIL WRAPPED500g3 flavours availableView Deals£5.50CHOCOLATE FONDANT FILLED HEARTSCHOCOLATE FONDANT FILLED HEARTS500g3 flavours availableView Deals£7.50CHOCOLATE ICY CUPSCHOCOLATE ICY CUPS500gView Deals£5.10CHOCOLATE JAZZLES & SNOWIESCHOCOLATE JAZZLES & SNOWIES500g6 flavours availableView Deals£3.74CHOCOLATE LIMESCHOCOLATE LIMES70gView Deals£0.49CHOCOLATE LIMES and FRUITSCHOCOLATE LIMES and FRUITS500g2 flavours availableView Deals£4.17CHOCOLATE MILK CHOC BEANSCHOCOLATE MILK CHOC BEANS500g3 flavours availableView Deals£4.99CHOCOLATE MINTS individually wrappedCHOCOLATE MINTS individually wrapped500gView Deals£3.90CHOCOLATE NIBBLESCHOCOLATE NIBBLES70gView Deals£0.49CHOCOLATE NIBBLES and TOFFEE CRUMBLECHOCOLATE NIBBLES and TOFFEE CRUMBLE500g5 flavours availableView Deals£3.93CHOCOLATE PEANUTSCHOCOLATE PEANUTS70gView Deals£0.49CHOCOLATE PEANUTSCHOCOLATE PEANUTS500gView Deals£3.50CHOCOLATE RAISINSCHOCOLATE RAISINS70gView Deals£0.49CHOCOLATE RAISINSCHOCOLATE RAISINS500gView Deals£3.50CHOCOLATE SHAPES BROWN and WHITECHOCOLATE SHAPES BROWN and WHITE500g7 flavours availableView Deals£3.74CHOCOLATE SPORTS BALLS MIXCHOCOLATE SPORTS BALLS MIX500g3 flavours availableView Deals£5.10CHRISTMAS 8 PIECE FUDGE GIFT BOX WITH FREE TUBE OF CHOCOLATE BALLSCHRISTMAS 8 PIECE FUDGE GIFT BOX WITH FREE TUBE OF CHOCOLATE BALLS400gView Deals£6.99CINDER TOFFEE CHOCOLATE COATED  HONEYCOMBCINDER TOFFEE CHOCOLATE COATED HONEYCOMB500g2 flavours availableView Deals£4.10COCO and PEANUT CHOCOLATES individually wrappedCOCO and PEANUT CHOCOLATES individually wrapped500gView Deals£3.90COCONUT TEACAKES and TOASTIESCOCONUT TEACAKES and TOASTIES500g2 flavours availableView Deals£5.35COUGH CANDY BLOCKCOUGH CANDY BLOCK70gView Deals£0.49COUGH CANDY BLOCKCOUGH CANDY BLOCK500gView Deals£3.37COUGH CANDY TWISTCOUGH CANDY TWIST70gView Deals£0.49COUGH SWEETS wrappedCOUGH SWEETS wrapped500g7 flavours availableView Deals£4.17DISCO and ROTELLA WHEELSDISCO and ROTELLA WHEELS500g3 flavours availableView Deals£4.00DRY ROASTED PEANUTSDRY ROASTED PEANUTS65gView Deals£0.49EVERTON MINTSEVERTON MINTS70gView Deals£0.49EVERTON MINTSEVERTON MINTS500g7 flavours availableView Deals£4.17FIZZ BALLSFIZZ BALLS500g14 flavours availableView Deals£5.44FLYING SAUCERS  (DRUM OF 300 PIECES)FLYING SAUCERS (DRUM OF 300 PIECES)375gView Deals£6.00FRUIT FLAVOUR WRAPPED BOILED SWEETSFRUIT FLAVOUR WRAPPED BOILED SWEETS500g7 flavours availableView Deals£4.17FRUITINETTES with fruity chewy centresFRUITINETTES with fruity chewy centres500gView Deals£5.99GIANT STRAWBSGIANT STRAWBS70gView Deals£0.49JAZZLESJAZZLES70gView Deals£0.49JELLIES fruity filled with multi-vitaminsJELLIES fruity filled with multi-vitamins500gView Deals£3.90JELLY BEANSJELLY BEANS70gView Deals£0.49JELLY BEANSJELLY BEANS500gView Deals£3.37KALI SHERBET CRYSTALSKALI SHERBET CRYSTALS500g12 flavours availableView Deals£4.30KOLA KUBESKOLA KUBES500g6 flavours availableView Deals£3.37KOLA KUBESKOLA KUBES70gView Deals£0.49KOPP KOPSKOPP KOPS500gView Deals£5.10LANCASHIRE MIXTURELANCASHIRE MIXTURE70gView Deals£0.49LANCASHIRE MIXTURELANCASHIRE MIXTURE500gView Deals£3.37LIQUORICE COMFITSLIQUORICE COMFITS70gView Deals£0.49LIQUORICE TORPEDOES and COMFITSLIQUORICE TORPEDOES and COMFITS500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.37LOLLIPOPSLOLLIPOPS500g6 flavours availableView Deals£4.70MAJIC MINT and FRUIT DRAGEESMAJIC MINT and FRUIT DRAGEES500g2 flavours availableView Deals£4.90MEERKATS gummyMEERKATS gummy500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.98MILLIONSMILLIONS500g9 flavours availableView Deals£4.77MINT FONDANTSMINT FONDANTS500gView Deals£6.43MINT IMPERIALSMINT IMPERIALS70gView Deals£0.49MINT IMPERIALSMINT IMPERIALS500gView Deals£3.50NUT BRITTLENUT BRITTLE500gView Deals£4.20PEANUTSPEANUTS70gView Deals£0.49PEAR DROPSPEAR DROPS70gView Deals£0.49PEAR DROPSPEAR DROPS500gView Deals£3.37PIPSPIPS500g12 flavours availableView Deals£3.37PISTACHIO’SPISTACHIO’S50gView Deals£1.00PONTEFRACT CAKES PONTEFRACT CAKES 500gView Deals£3.50POPCORN SWEET COLOURED with a hint of fruit flavoursPOPCORN SWEET COLOURED with a hint of fruit flavours300g5 flavours availableView Deals£3.99RAINBOW BELTSRAINBOW BELTS50gView Deals£0.49ROCK CANDY SWEETSROCK CANDY SWEETS500g5 flavours availableView Deals£5.40ROSEY APPLES choice of round or exclusive square shapeROSEY APPLES choice of round or exclusive square shape500gView Deals£3.57SARSPARILLASSARSPARILLAS500gView Deals£3.37SARSPARILLASSARSPARILLAS70gView Deals£0.49SHERBET CENTRE FRUIT FLAVOUR BOILED WRAPPED SWEETSSHERBET CENTRE FRUIT FLAVOUR BOILED WRAPPED SWEETS500g4 flavours availableView Deals£4.17SNOWIESSNOWIES70gView Deals£0.49SPEARMINT CHEWSSPEARMINT CHEWS70gView Deals£0.49SPEARMINT CHEWSSPEARMINT CHEWS500gView Deals£4.17STRAWBERRIES choice of gummy and fizzySTRAWBERRIES choice of gummy and fizzy500g3 flavours availableView Deals£3.72SUGAR FREE WRAPPED SWEETS choice of hard boiled chews and toffeesSUGAR FREE WRAPPED SWEETS choice of hard boiled chews and toffees500g26 flavours availableView Deals£6.00SUGARED ALMONDSSUGARED ALMONDS500g4 flavours availableView Deals£5.99SUGARED STRAWBERRIESSUGARED STRAWBERRIES70gView Deals£0.49SWEET PEANUTSSWEET PEANUTS500gView Deals£4.20TOFFEE TOFFLAIRS CHOCOLATYT WRAPPED SWEETSTOFFEE TOFFLAIRS CHOCOLATYT WRAPPED SWEETS500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.90TONGUE PAINTER GUMMIESTONGUE PAINTER GUMMIES500gView Deals£3.50TREACLE TOFFEETREACLE TOFFEE70gView Deals£0.49TREACLE TOFFEETREACLE TOFFEE500gView Deals£3.90UNCLE JOES and LUKES MEDICATED WRAPPED SWEETSUNCLE JOES and LUKES MEDICATED WRAPPED SWEETS500g3 flavours availableView Deals£6.23VANILLA FUDGEVANILLA FUDGE70gView Deals£0.49VANILLA FUDGEVANILLA FUDGE500gView Deals£4.07VEGAN SUGAR COATED FRUITY SWEETSVEGAN SUGAR COATED FRUITY SWEETS500g12 flavours availableView Deals£4.00VEGAN SUGAR COATED JELLIES (10x150gr packets) (choose from many varieties)VEGAN SUGAR COATED JELLIES (10x150gr packets) (choose from many varieties)1.5kg11 flavours availableView Deals£7.99VEGAN SUGAR COATED JELLIES MIX HAMPER TRAY WITH FREE SERVING TONGS (2 varieties to choose from)VEGAN SUGAR COATED JELLIES MIX HAMPER TRAY WITH FREE SERVING TONGS (2 varieties to choose from)1kgView Deals£7.99WINTER NIPSWINTER NIPS70gView Deals£0.49WINTER NIPSWINTER NIPS500gView Deals£3.37
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