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ABC CHALKY CANDY LETTERSABC CHALKY CANDY LETTERS50gView Deals£0.49ASSORTED FIZZY and SOUR MIXASSORTED FIZZY and SOUR MIX500gView Deals£3.50BEARS MEERKATS and SAFARI ANIMALSBEARS MEERKATS and SAFARI ANIMALS500g5 flavours availableView Deals£3.37BELTS FIZZY different sizes available (ALL V)BELTS FIZZY different sizes available (ALL V)500g9 flavours availableView Deals£3.37BON BONS CHEWY AND SOUR (ALL V)BON BONS CHEWY AND SOUR (ALL V)500g13 flavours availableView Deals£3.98BOTTLES choice of fizzy and gummyBOTTLES choice of fizzy and gummy500g31 flavours availableView Deals£3.37CARSCARS500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.37DEW DROPSDEW DROPS65gView Deals£0.49DOLLY MIXTUREDOLLY MIXTURE65gView Deals£0.49DOLLY MIXTURE AND DEW DROPSDOLLY MIXTURE AND DEW DROPS500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.37DUMMIES and TONGUES choice of fizzy and gummyDUMMIES and TONGUES choice of fizzy and gummy500g8 flavours availableView Deals£3.37FIZZ BALLS (ALL V)FIZZ BALLS (ALL V)500g14 flavours availableView Deals£5.44FIZZY BOTTLES MIXFIZZY BOTTLES MIX65gView Deals£0.49FIZZY BUBBLE BOTTLES (EXCLUSIVE UK PRODUCT)FIZZY BUBBLE BOTTLES (EXCLUSIVE UK PRODUCT)65gView Deals£0.49FIZZY DUMMIES (V)FIZZY DUMMIES (V)65gView Deals£0.49FIZZY MIXFIZZY MIX65gView Deals£0.49FIZZY MIX HAMPER TRAY WITH FREE SERVING TONGSFIZZY MIX HAMPER TRAY WITH FREE SERVING TONGS1kgView Deals£7.99FIZZY RAINBOW TUTTI FRUTTI PENCILSFIZZY RAINBOW TUTTI FRUTTI PENCILS65gView Deals£0.49FLOWERS ROSES and PETALS choice of gummy and fizzyFLOWERS ROSES and PETALS choice of gummy and fizzy500g5 flavours availableView Deals£3.37FLYING SAUCERS (V)  (300 PIECES)FLYING SAUCERS (V) (300 PIECES)375gView Deals£6.00FOAM SWEETS sugar coatedFOAM SWEETS sugar coated500g7 flavours availableView Deals£3.37FRUIT PASTILLES incl IRN BRU PASTILLESFRUIT PASTILLES incl IRN BRU PASTILLES500g2 flavours availableView Deals£3.37FRUIT SHERBET CENTRE BOILED WRAPPED SWEETS (V)FRUIT SHERBET CENTRE BOILED WRAPPED SWEETS (V)500g4 flavours availableView Deals£4.17KALI SHERBET CRYSTALS and RAINBOW DUST (ALL V)KALI SHERBET CRYSTALS and RAINBOW DUST (ALL V)500g12 flavours availableView Deals£4.30LIPS and KISSES choice of gummy jelly and fizzyLIPS and KISSES choice of gummy jelly and fizzy500g9 flavours availableView Deals£3.37LOLLIPOPS (ALL V)LOLLIPOPS (ALL V)500g6 flavours availableView Deals£4.70LOVEHEARTS choice of gummy and fizzyLOVEHEARTS choice of gummy and fizzy500g13 flavours availableView Deals£3.37MILLIONS (V)MILLIONS (V)500g10 flavours availableView Deals£4.77PIPS (V)PIPS (V)500g12 flavours availableView Deals£3.37RAINBOW BELTS (V)RAINBOW BELTS (V)50gView Deals£0.49RINGS and HOOPS choice of gummy and fizzyRINGS and HOOPS choice of gummy and fizzy500g9 flavours availableView Deals£3.37SNAKES WORMS SPIDERS and more REPLTILESSNAKES WORMS SPIDERS and more REPLTILES500g10 flavours availableView Deals£3.37SOUR BITESSOUR BITES65gView Deals£0.49SOUR BLUE RASPBERRY BON BONS (V)SOUR BLUE RASPBERRY BON BONS (V)65gView Deals£0.49STAR SHAPE choice of fizzy or gummySTAR SHAPE choice of fizzy or gummy500g4 flavours availableView Deals£3.37STRAWBERRY CHEWY BON BONS (V)STRAWBERRY CHEWY BON BONS (V)65gView Deals£0.49SUGARED STRAWBERRIES (V)SUGARED STRAWBERRIES (V)65gView Deals£0.49SWIZZELS MATLOWS SWEETIESSWIZZELS MATLOWS SWEETIES500g10 flavours availableView Deals£4.70TEETH FANGS and TOOTHBRUSHESTEETH FANGS and TOOTHBRUSHES500g7 flavours availableView Deals£3.37TOFFIX FRUITY CHEWSTOFFIX FRUITY CHEWS65gView Deals£0.49WATCHES fizzyWATCHES fizzy500gView Deals£3.37WATERMELON SLICESWATERMELON SLICES65gView Deals£0.49
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